Head of Engineering Pfaff Motorsports

ANX Electric sets the standard for data & electrical engineers in professional motorsports across several disciplines. Their technical background, superimposed with hands-on skills, fabrication ability and general 'practical' competence allows them to seamlessly adapt to and handle high-pressure situations, while simultaneously remaining cognizant of both constraints and the level of quality and professionalism their clients demand. Whether fabricating and outfitting a telemetry stand, or monitoring and analyzing data throughout the 24-hours of Daytona, ANX Electric consistently execute at the highest level, regardless of the task at hand.

Motorsport Wiring Assembly

At ANX Electric Co, we specialize in crafting high-performance wiring solutions tailored to the unique needs of motorsports enthusiasts, teams, and professionals.


Motorsport Wiring Supplies

Explore our extensive catalog featuring a wide array of motorsport wiring harness components. From connectors and terminals to cables and protective sheething and boots, we offer a comprehensive range to cater to diverse applications.

Wiring harness design

Why Choose ANX Electric Co for Wiring Harness Design: Collaborative design approach involving engineers, technicians, and customers Utilization of professional design software for precision and accuracy Expertise in writing tests for Cirris Hi Pot Testing Controller calibration services for optimized system performance


Billy Glavin- Owner JRIII Racing

"I started working with ANX in 2017 when I desperately needed one of my customer's race cars re-wired in an impossible time frame. ANX not only agreed to take on the project knowing the time constraints but actually the deadline and provided us with a superior product. Since that time, I have used ANX on numerous occasions to wire my race cars or fix issues on existing harnesses. ANX always delivers and fully supports the products they produce. ANX stays with the project to completion and is always available for follow up work and support. ANX harnesses and hardware are in multiple cars under my care and we have not had issues with any of them. I would highly recommend ANX for your wiring needs on any project from a Club racer build all the way up to an IMSA spec car."