Our Services:

  1. Wiring Harness Manufacturing:

    • From one-off custom harnesses to large-scale production runs, we specialize in manufacturing high-performance wiring harnesses designed to excel in the demanding environments of motorsports. Our solutions are crafted with precision, utilizing top-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes.
    • Benefit from our expertise in tooling for leading connector brands such as TE Autosport, Souriau 8STA, and Lemo M, S, and B series. Our proficiency in utilizing advanced tooling ensures seamless integration and compatibility with industry-standard components.
  2. Wiring Harness Design:

    • Collaborate with our experienced systems engineers to bring your vision to life. Our team works closely with wiring harness technicians and customers, employing professional design software to create bespoke wiring solutions that meet the highest industry standards.
  3. Cable Testing and Quality Assurance:

    • Ensuring the reliability and durability of our products, we conduct thorough cable testing using state-of-the-art Cirris Hi Pot Testing equipment. Our commitment to quality assurance guarantees that every wiring harness leaving our facility meets stringent performance benchmarks.:
  4. Controller Calibration:

    • Maximize the performance of your motorsport systems with our controller calibration services. Our engineers fine-tune and optimize controllers to ensure optimal functionality and integration within your specific application.


Why Choose ANX Electric Co:

  • Tailored solutions designed for the motorsport industry
  • Collaborative approach involving engineers, technicians, and customers
  • Utilization of cutting-edge technology and professional design software
  • Rigorous cable testing and quality assurance protocols
  • Expertise in connector tooling for various industry-standard brands

At ANX Electric Co, we are committed to delivering excellence in every service we provide. Whether you're seeking precision wiring solutions, collaborative design, or reliable testing services, we have the expertise to meet and exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to explore how ANX Electric Co can elevate your motorsport endeavors with our unrivaled services. Precision, Innovation, Excellence. 

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